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Derma rollers

Derma Rollers

To renew your skin and to get rid of various skin and hair problems such as acne scars and spots, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and hair loss and to achieve a collagen filled elastic skin a Dermaroller works like a magic. The process works to renew your skin cells by prickling and trickling the outer layer of the skin.
Q. How does Dermaroller or Micro- Needling Roller works for skin?

A. The Micro Needling roller or dermaroller or skin roller is an instrument designed with a heavy duty plastic roller head covered in high-quality titanium needles. The purpose of such needles is to penetrate deep into the outer surface of the skin or scalp. Minute invisible channels are created through the outer skin layer, which facilitates the passage and absorption of your skin care product or hair product into the dermis, to maximize its absorption and benefits thereafter. It gently exfoliates excess skin cells, to cure scaring or signs of premature aging, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Blood circulation gains a rapid boost with the roller effect thus stimulating blood flow to the surface and in the process provides a soothing massage by cleaning out the pores and revitalizing collagen re-growth.

Q. How much safe it is to use dermaroller if I am already on Radessie injection medication for skin?

A.It is completely safe to use dermaroller on skin fillers.

Q. I have just used the skin roller for the first time. The experience was nice for first three days but later I have developed red patches on my forehead and cheeks. Is it acne or any other skin condition?

A. The good thing is you have released the piled up toxins from below your skin surface along with old collagens. You just need to maintain the hygiene factor by keeping the face area clean. You must not use the skin roller again unless and until your affected area is free from eruptions. Use a water-based moisturizer. It will take around 3-4 weeks for new collagen regrowth.

Q. How much it hurts?

A. As the process will operate on skin and scalp there will be a sensation of a bee sting. As the rollers of the instrument are designed with needles it can easily penetrate deep inside the skin along with the respective skin care product but at the same time will not harm the skin or the scalp in any way. As the skin or scalp is a bit sensitive so the patient will have a very little sting feeling but for most of the patient no negative feedback has been reported yet.

Q. Is it necessary to use an anesthetic gel or cream during the process?

A. Though the roller tickles or feels like a sting but the process is not painful for most of the patients. So it is not necessary to numb the area with anesthetic gel or cream, though some find it necessary for their fear factor. One sitting is enough to get used to it. Patients need to hold patience as the trial and error vary differently in different person.

Q. Is it safe to use derma rollers on veins and ruptured blood vessels or web of veins?

A. Dermarollers are designed with acupuncture needles that can be used crisscross the ruptured blood vessels. It acts like a rolling pin. One can simply use the instrument on facial veins and body that remain close to the skin surface. Massaging thoroughly on the veins make them disappear beneath the skin surface gradually. The more you do the massaging the fast is the disappearance process. To feel the effect of the treatment the patient needs few days for the result. An only repeated monthly interval is needed when required.

Q. Is it safe to use the dermaroller on the facial skin with acne eruptions?

A. No, it is not wise to use the rollers as it may worsen the condition.

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