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Fractional Co2

Fractional Co2

The process of fractional resurfacing works from deep inside the skin and boost the collagen production. Collagen is a protein formed in connective tissue. Enough collagen production plump up the skin diminishes fine lines and wrinkles resulting in younger and smoother looking skin. As the method works from inside the skin so the patient feels comfortable.

Aging is a natural process that destroys the collagen production; other factor includes pollution and sun damage. With the decreasing collagen production, the skin loses its elasticity and gets a saggy appearance. In the process of Fraxel laser resurfacing light energy is used to create tiny minute holes in the skin that build up the collagen production. Fraxel lasers don’t damage the outer layer of the skin in the process. To combat the moderate wrinkles Fraxel laser treatments gives the desired result with minimal discomfort.

With such advantage, this procedure also holds certain demerits. Due to its gentle treating procedure, a patient might need multiple sessions for achieving the desired firmer skin. Though effective but the result of this treatment will not last forever eventually the skin imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines will reappear. During the process of the initial phase the imperfection underneath the skin surface was targeted so later the patient and the doctor both need to focus on the skin surface to retain the achieved result.

Apart from this treatment we also recommend the patient to follow a proper skin care regimen before a laser sitting especially retinols and lighting agents as such regimen will keep the cell in control and thus gives a clear-toned and radiant skin.

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