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Ugly brown spots that appear on the skin are known as freckle. Melanocytes are the pigment-producing cell that is present in the skin. These melanocytes produce melanin pigment and transfer it to keratinocytes, the skin cells that form the epidermal layer of our skin. This melanin protects us from the harsh nature and sun damage. The harmful ultraviolet rays are prevented by this pigment that are harmful for the skin. When the sun rays cause damage to the melanocytes, freckles or abnormal melanin begins to accumulate on the skin.

At Epiderma we aim to inform you in details about the freckles and associate sun damage symptoms like melasma and as well as the effective freckle removal treatment.

For effective melasma removal
Melasma Treatment : 2 to 3 weeks interval
Cost per Session: Minimum Rs 3,000 – 4,000/-

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