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Laser Lip Liner

Laser Lip Liner

The remarkable feature of beauty is a fuller and proportionate lip. The thickness of the lips depends a lot on the hereditary factor. Some women are naturally gifted with such attractive lips while others don’t. Thinned lip women need therapeutic assistance for lip enhancement. The shine and suppleness of the lips gradually diminish with age as a sink in collagen and elastin giving the lips a rougher texture with ugly wrinkles. Additionally the environmental adversities such as sun damage and harsh climate case the lip structure to break down by disrupting the collagen making the lips wrinkled and chapped.

How do we treat thin lips?

One can opt for laser treatment if they are scared of trying injectables like Juvederm for enhancing thin lips. Drooped, thin lips can achieve a fuller and shinier appearance with the help of laser treatment by boosting the collagen level. This treatment helps in defining the lip border which gets fuzzy with age as well as helps in reducing the fine lines around the mouth.

What is a lip plumping treatment like?

The procedure is relatively quick and painless. Pulses of a laser are applied to your lip area. Some patients reported of a warm sensation while some feel a slight pinch through the process. Similar to the snap of a rubber band.

How many treatments do I need?

Some patients see improvement after the first treatment, but it typically takes a few treatments to see a difference. It is best to have treatments four to six weeks apart as needed to get the results you are looking for. We recommend periodic touch-up treatments for best results.

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