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Pigment mark/ Birth mark removal

Pigment mark/ Birth mark removal

A pigmented mark since birth or a birth mark is a very common mark and can be found on anyone’s body that differs in size and depth. We care about the distress and embarrassment of these marks so we are offering the treatment to remove your birthmark.

Get rid of Birthmarks and Dark Spots!
Repair your Skin with us!
Types of birthmarks are:
Brown birthmarks
Spider birthmarks
Strawberry birthmarks
Port wine stain birthmarks

At Laser Dermatology, most birthmarks in Laser Dermatology need a test treatment before proceeding for the whole procedure in order to establish responsiveness. In most cases, multiple laser treatments are required. As with other lasers, the sensation is that of a flick with a rubber band.

Benefits at a glance..
They leave you with smooth and unmarked skin
They are completely painless and don’t cause any discomfort
They help you regain your self-confidence and restore a positive body image
The recuperation time is very less and you can get back to your routine life, right after a treatment session.

How do our lasers help?
The Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is capable of removing excessive pigment without changing the skin colour for brown birthmark. High intensity laser light is beamed on the abnormal pigment in these birthmarks which damages the pigment and the body’s natural healing process gradually clears it away over a number of weeks.


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