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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of privacy for your personal information. Therefore, we have taken certain policies in order to keep the confidentiality of the information provided. Hence, this notice is provided to explain our policies and online data practices that can facilitate your decisions and suggestions about the collection, selection and usage of your information.

We have put this privacy policy at the bottom of our homepage in order to make it easily available for you!


Collection & Use Of Information

Once you avail any of our services, you need to remember that we may require certain information that may include personally identifiable information that can be used for your recognition or to contact you. Personally identifiable information may comprise of, though not limited to your name, address, Email id or contact numbers.


  1. EPIDERMA collects, stores and uses personal information to conduct its business.

  2. We only collect personal information compulsory to provide proper services to our clients.

  3. EPIDERMA respects and maintains your rights to privacy established by the 1992 Privacy Act of India.

  4. In this policy “Personal Information” and “Sensitive Information”, which includes “Health Information” regarding the requirement of the website have the same meaning according to this policy.



  1. We will provide you a form to fill.

  2. We may record the information you provide over phone or email or visiting our website.

  3. We may ask you to provide documents regarding treatment.

  4. Obtaining it from another health service provider who you have authorized to provide the information.,/p>





We will only use your personal information for the purposes we have mentioned at the top of this policy, unless:

  1. You have approved by yourself for using the information for another purpose by us.

  2. We need it for any other purpose directly related to the purpose for which we have collected it and you plausibly expect, or we have told you, that we will use the information for that purpose.

  3. We are needed or authorized by law to use or share the information for another purpose.




Below are given some instance of the situations where we may use and/or disclose your personal information:

  1. To deliver details of treatment options to you.

  2. To convey information to close family members in accordance with accepted norms.

  3. To accurately inform ourselves so that you can get the best possible treatment.

  4. For billing and fee recovery purpose.

  5. To inform other health service providers engaged in your treatment for the proper treatment.

  6. To make and complete Medicare and Health Insurance claims.

  7. For planning and for the improvement of the services we offer to you.

  8. To communicate for providing promotional offers to you.




We ensure 100% of your personal information when it’s already fetched and stored by us, but as we use electronic modes of transmission of data, we don’t take guarantee of the security there.,/span>




By submitting your personal information to us, you deliberately approve the disclosure, transfer, storage or processing of your personal information within India.

By submitting your personal information to us, you deliberately approve the usage of your personal information for marketing purpose.

By agreeing to be treated by us, you are agreeing to our collection, disclosure, use and storage of your personal information in accordance with this policy. We may revise this policy from time to time within our absolute discretion.  Your continued use of our services shall be deemed to be your agreement to and acceptance of the terms of this policy.

If you wish to withdraw your approval, you should notify us in writing, where after we will take actions for the further proceedings of your request within 5 business days.




  1. We store it in paper or in some other hard copy documents at our office.

  2. We store it online in electronic records, in a controlled and secure environment including cloud service.

  3. Those records are only available for those persons who require access to the personal information for the purposes for which you provided it to us.

  4. We will take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal information we hold from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.




Except in exceptional cases established by law, you may request to access the personal information we hold about you. You do not have to provide a reason for requesting access. If we hold personal information you are entitled to access, we will make an effort to provide you with a suitable range of choices as to how you may access that information. We will respond to your request within 30 days.

If you believe that personal information we hold about you is erroneous, incomplete or improper, you can ask us to amend it. We guarantee to consider your request.




The contents of this statement may alter at any time, at our discretion. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of EPIDERMA, then contact us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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