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Treatments for Rosacea

There is a range of oral and topical medications which are capable of treating the redness, pimples, and bumps associated with rosacea. Such treatments are usually prescribed to gain immediate control over the condition, and subsequent long-term use of topical therapy is advised to maintain remission.

Rosacea can be controlled by a gentle skin-care routine. In general, non-irritating skin-care products are advisable and protection from sun exposure by using a strong sunscreen also helps.

The symptoms of rosacea like redness, visible blood vessels can be reduced using lasers and other medical and surgical devices.


The visible blood cells can be shrunk using laser treatments. Brief pulses of light energy are used in the treatment targeting only the blood vessel leaving surrounding skin unharmed.


Peels help by exfoliating the top layers of skin, speeding up skin turnover and preventing pores from becoming clogged with dead skin cells, which can aggravate rosacea and cause flare-ups. To combat skin sensitivity of Rosacea our Mandelic Acid peels are ideal and effective.

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