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Under eye dark circles

Under eye dark circles

Irritated of hearing how tired you look? Dark circles under our eyes make the eye area look puffy and stressed.

Most people think that dark patches around eyes are caused by staying up late watching those monster movies, or having that last drink the night, or sitting up with your laptop trying to finish the quarterly report. Most people think that their behavior is somehow related to dark under circles. They are also a common sign of aging. The good news is that at Epiderma Laser Clinic we can restore that glow to your face and effectively diminish under eye circles.

Treatment: 2 – 3 weeks interval
Cost per session: Minimum 2500/ – to 3,000/-

Dark under-eye circles are actually the result of the very same mechanism that produces bruises. Only changing your behavior will NOT help you get rid of your arrogant dark circles. They are also a common sign of aging. The satisfactory news is that the treatment at Epiderma Laser Clinic can restore that glow to your face and significantly reduces yours under eye dark circles.

Treating dark circles:

Our clinic offers non-invasive treatment options such as skin peeling, Microdermabrasion, Q Switch Nd Yag laser or minimally invasive cosmetic medicine services such as Demapen skin needling, Dermal Fillers or PRP Platelet-rich Plasma, that are proven to transform tired and stressed, dull looking dark circles into vibrant and youthful eyelids!

The laser targets the source of dark circles under your eyes by sending a beam of light beneath the skin under the eyes. The light is absorbed by blood vessels and pigmented areas in the skin. The laser will resurface the skin and reduce or eliminate wrinkles, which improves the overall appearance of the eyes, with the added benefit of diminishing the dark circles. However, if the skin around the eyes is already smooth, the treatment may not help in pigment reduction. While less invasive than surgery, the tingling sensation of a laser may take some time to suit the skin and side effects include redness or swelling.

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