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Warts,Mole, skin tag, & com removal

Warts,Mole, skin tag, & com removal

Are you worried about Warts, Moles & Skin Tag?

Permanently Remove Your Warts, Moles & Skin Tag at Epiderma?

One of the safest and quickest laser treatments possible within 25 minutes for Warts, Moles & Skin Tag removal, is done by erbium YAG laser at Epiderma Laser Clinic. It gives the finest finishing in removing warts, Moles & Skin Tag. We use Q switch, CO2 or Erbium YAG Laser for vanishing flat warts, moles & skin tag.

This very simple procedure carried out under local anesthetic and makes a huge difference.

The easiest and quickest procedure for a painless and bloodless wart and mole removal without a scar is with RF CAUTERY. I prefer RF cautery for wart and mole removal because it’s a very quick n bloodless treatment. And no after precautions required. It will hardly take 30 minutes for the overall procedure to complete.

For more details consult with our cosmetologist and laser specialist or pay a visit to our clinic or call us:

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Epiderma Laser Clinic experts deliver the latest innovation in laser therapy to achieve optimal results in treating a wide range of skin conditions. For all the most popular and in-demand laser and most powerful medical aesthetics treatment, count on Epiderma for visibly dramatic improvements with minimal discomfort and downtime.