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Beard Transplantation

Every Man’s Dream: A Good Beard.

A patchy beard can be annoying. But you can get it fixed – here at Epiderma.

Beard Hair Transplantation in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

Beard Transplantation in Jayanagar, Bangalore


Beard adds unique & special quotient to one’s style, confidence, personality and individuality. It must be a great feeling of cheering up oneself by sporting a trendy beard style. 

So, anyone who wishes to boost one’s style and self-pride with groomed beard can do so. Now, men facing problems like patchy hair growth near jaw line, poor beard growth, no beard growth, genetic / hereditary factors effecting beard growth can look forward for resolution through Beard Transplantation. 

Beard Problems | Beard Hair Transplantation in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

How Beard Transplantation Works at Epiderma Clinic

Beard Problems | Beard Hair Transplantation in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. It’s a transplantation of hair follicles taken from the base of own’s scalp area (behind the neck, donor area) and grafted in marked area of the face (recipient area). Around 4000-7000 hair follicles are grafted depending upon the desired facial hair density.

Types of Beard Transplantation:
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), single har follicular unit (containing 1-4 hairs) is extracted from the donor area and grafted in marked recipient area which gives fuller / dense beard look.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), a strip of tissue if taken and transplanted in the marked recipient area. A thin scar is seen following the recovery which remains invisible under the growth of new hair in recipient area. 
Steps involved in Beard Transplantation Procedure:

Hair Transplantation in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic provides the Best Beard Transplant in Jayanagar with safe and successful procedure. Here are the step involved in Beard Hair transplantation procedures:

  • Trichoscan is done  to understand the hair 
  • Marking of the transplantation area for desired beard-line & style
  • Extraction of the grafts from the donor area 
  • Grafting of follicles / transplantation of the strip of tissue depending upon the procedure opted in the marked recipient area
  • Local anaesthesia is given for patience’s convenience
Benefits of Beard Transplantation:
  1. Safe and successful procedure
  2. Hair grown from the transplanted graft is normal and natural
  3. The feel and appearance of the new hair grown is similar to normal hair
  4. One can sport new beard style or change it as per trend (can be trimmed / shaved as normal hair)
  5. The new beard care is natural and similar to natural beard care or as suggested by Trichologist
  6. Enhanced aesthetic looks and confidence booster
Do’s and Don’ts for Post procedure Beard Transplantation:
  • The donor area will be dressed for 2-3 days
  • Do not touch/itch/fiddle with grafted area with fingers or any other thing. The grafted area will have bruises for first few days which is common. 
  • Use sterile wipes for cleansing the other parts of the face
  • Do not wash your hair / scalp for one week or as advised by dermatosurgeon / patient advisor
  • Follow the advised medications
  • Once the bruises have healed, the hairs will fall. In next 2-3 weeks, new hair will grow from grafted hair follicles and give desired look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Transplantation

Anyone who is above the age of 20 years and intends to improve the hair density in the desired area of face.

The duration of the procedure depends upon type of transplantation procedure preferred, the no. of follicular units grafted and area for graft which can be completed in a single or two sittings.

80 – 90% success rate whereas for some regrafting has to be considered.

The recovery period is the post procedure when the grafted area is healing and returning to normalcy. It takes around 10-15 days for healing the wound (the donor and recipient area). By the 4th week of procedure, one can see the growth of new hair. For some, the recovery period may be from 2-3 months.

3 main reasons for choosing Epiderma for Beard Transplantation-  
  • All patients with scalp and hair disorders are evaluated and treated by our Board-Certified Dermatologist who is also specialized and having experience of over 10 years in treating hair disorders with advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures. 
  • Our Dermatosurgeon holds fellowship degree in Trichology and Dermato-surgery from prestigious institute (Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute) with in-depth knowledge in his specialization
  • Availability of state-of-the-art facility and advanced equipment in our center to support the experience & expertise of Dermatosurgeons
  • Customized treatment approach to suit individual preference and choice
  • Approachable and compassionate team  
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