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Nail and Nail Disorder

Your Nails Say a Lot About You

Disfigured or discolored nails are not to be ignored. Consult a dermatologist immediately for appropriate care. 

Nail Disorders | Nail Surgery Treatment in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

Nail and Nail Disorder


Shape them… paint them… decorate them… one cannot miss the glance of well-groomed nail. They are not only extensions of one’s beauty aspect but also highlights many aspects of personality with hygiene, appearance, color, flexibility, texture and growth. Technically, nail is the modification of the topmost layer of skin – Epidermis and made up of Keratin, it’s the same protein with which even the hair is made up of. Human nails correspond to claws or hoof of animals. 

Nail Surgery Treatment in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

How does Nail treatments Works

Nail Surgery Treatment in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. Get the best nail treatments for all types of nail disorders by our dermatologist. The structure of nail comprises of nail matrix, nail plate, nail bed, lunula, nail fold and cuticle. Nail supports and protects the sensitive tips of the fingers and toes. It is observed that finger nails grows faster than the toe nails. Nails too get infected, deformed, traumatized and get affected because of prevailing medical condition and needs proper treatment and care. Some of the frequently seen conditions are discussed as follows – 

Nail Discolouration: Normally, the healthy nail plate is pinkish in colour over the nail bed and becomes white at the distal free end. This nail plate’s colour may get changed due to low oxygen supply or nail polish / colouring agent (handling with bare hands) or injury to nail bed or due to medication.    

Nail Breakage: Sometimes, nail just break while dealing with objects indicating brittleness, improper diet intake, hormonal changes or health condition. 

Onychomycosis / Fungal Nail Infection: One of the frequently nail condition that needs the medical attention. It’s a disturbing condition for a person at person and social level. The nail changes the colour, becomes thickened and brittle. Infected toe nail takes longer time than finger nail to respond and get treated with medication. Dermatologist analyses the nail and treats it with appropriate medication and formulation.

Ingrown Nails: It is one of the frequently complained pain-full condition seen with toe nail, marked with nail growing into the surrounding tissue. Sometimes, improper breakage or trimming of nails can also be the causative factor for ingrown nails. Nail Surgery Treatment in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic’s dermatologists treat it with surgical procedure and instruct on following certain nail care steps for preventing it.

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