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Mole Excision

New Mole? You Should Get Tested.

Moles can be cute. But they can also be skin cancers. Always get your new moles tested and removed, if necessary.

Mole Removal Surgery in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Mole Removal Treatment In Jayanagar, Bangalore


Mole, black in color called beauty mark or spot when it is present on face, neck, shoulder or waist. But when it’s size increases or color changes or mole no. increases, it marks the beginning of some problem or calls for consultation with Dermatologist at Epiderma Clinic. We provides the Best Mole Removal Treatment In Jayanagar, Bangalore. Sometimes, dermatologists recommend mole excision either to check it from cancerous nature or for aesthetic / cosmetic concern. Unchecked growing mole can turn into melanoma / cancerous.

Mole Excision | Mole Removal Surgery in Jayanagar, Bangalore

How does Mole Removal Treatment Work at Epiderma

Mole excision can be done in many ways: 
  • Surgical mole excision involves removal of mole along with the margin / edge and wound is sutured. 
  • Mole excision with cryosurgery involves freezing of the mole and allowed to fall off by itself. 
  • Cautery procedure of mole excision involves burning of the mole. 
  • The procedure is conducted under the anaesthetic effect. And wound is bandaged to promote the healing which takes around 4-5 days. 
Post Procedure Care:
  • Medication is prescribed and needs to be followed as advised.
  • The wound is bandaged which is changed every day for 4-5 days.
  • Suture is removed after 4-5 days 
  • Gentle massage of the wound area with moisturizing cream for keeping it soft, flexible and promoting healing.
  • Apply sunscreen or physical barrier for protection from sunrays. 
Benefits of Mole Excision:

Mole Removal Treatment In Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic offers the Best Mole Removal Surgery in Jayanagar at affordable cost. Here are the benefits of Mole Excision surgery:

  • Addressed the   aesthetic / cosmetic concerns
  • Removal of suspicious mole to check cancer
  • Day care procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermatologists checks and analyses the mole and recommends the best suited procedure to patient. Depending upon the mole condition, patient’s working & life style, the best suited procedure is recommended by Dermatosurgeon.

The main risk factors for melanoma are family history, fair skin, overexposure to the sun and others. There are 5 signs which can indicate melanoma and they are “ABCDE”:

  • Asymmetry shape
  • Blurred and ragged borders of mole edges 
  • Change in color of a mole
  • Diameter of a mole increases 
  • Elevation of the mole from the skin

Yes. During pregnancy, the hormones on surge impact some moles. They might get darker or larger. One should consider consulting Dermatologist when any mole changes the shape, size and color in a prominent manner.

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