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Epidermal Cell Suspension

Make Vitiligo Just a Chapter

Epidermal Cell Suspension supports vitiligo management with excellent success rates.

Epidermal Cell Suspension


Epidermal Cell Suspension in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. One’s outlook towards life and self depends upon how his inner strength is made up. Vitiligo not only impacts the skin pigmentation but tarnishes one’s confidence and affect his/her psychology too. Though, currently available treatment does not cure the root cause of vitiligo but surgical treatment are capable of restoring the pigmentation of skin which works out as a boon to them. Person with large area of depigmented/hypopigmented skin are considered for surgical treatment only when it has become stable and resistant to other medical treatments. They are observed for certain period to confirm the stability before deciding upon one of the surgical options.

How does Epidermal Cell Suspension Work at Epiderma

Epidermal Cell Suspension in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. Non-Cultured Epidermal Cell Suspension (NCECS) is a novel technique of cellular grafting for skin re-pigmentation. In this procedure, the melanocyte is separated and processed to form a suspension. The suspension is spread over the recipient skin area.  And with NSECS, large depigmented skin area can be treated with the donor-to-recipient expansion ratio of 5-10-fold. The grafted melanocyte spreads to neighbouring skin tissue and brings about re-pigmentation in 2-3 months.   

NCECS Procedure:
  • The epidermis from donor site is punched and processed as suspension containing melanocyte. 
  • The recipient skin is abraded and prepared for grafting. 
  • The suspension is grafted/spread over the abraded skin along with tissue-based glue which helps in haemostasis and adhesion of suspension. 
  • The platelet rich fibrin-based tissue glue is applied over the suspension spread.
  • Dressing is done.
  • Patient is asked to rest for few hours to avoid local manipulation. 
  • Medications is prescribed for few days.
  • Dressing is maintained for 7-8 days and then removed. 
Benefits of NCECS:

Epidermal Cell Suspension in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. NCES supports vitiligo management with excellent success rate by our dermatologist. Here are the benefits of NCECS:

  • High success rate of re-pigmenting
  • Possibility of re-pigmenting large depigmented skin area (5-10 folds)
  • Day care procedure
  • Tissue glue facilitates the healing, adhesion of graft (suspension) and hastens the re-pigmentation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vitiligo is considered stabile when it stops spreading i.e., no change in shape and size of area impaired and no change in the pigmentation over a period of 12 months.

When a vitiligo stops responding to the medical treatment like topical application, oral medication etc. over a period of 6 months.

After the initial healing, the melanocyte starts spreading and re-pigmentation is visible in 4-6 weeks.

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