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Having to deal with unwanted hair or acne scars can be exhausting. Put them behind you with comprehensive laser surgery solutions at Epiderma.

Laser Hair Removal | Best Cosmetology Laser Clinic in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

Cosmetology and lasers


Smooth and hairless skin has been always considered beautiful and is desired by many. One employs various methods like waxing/plucking/shaving which needs to be done regularly in spite of they being cumbersome, messy and so on. One looks forward for a freedom from these tedious and painful process. Laser hair removal treatment has emerged as one of the promising procedures with permanent results for getting rid of unwanted hairs.

Best Cosmetology Laser Clinic in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

How does laser treatment works at Epiderma

Best Cosmetology Laser Clinic in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic provides an effective and long-lasting laser and cosmetology procedures. The treatment is planned and customized to suit individual’s hair thickness, density and location apart from skin tone. 

Laser hair removal treatment is a non-intrusive, pain-free treatment which is effective and long-lasting result driven procedure. The low energy laser light is targeted on the individual hair follicle (hair root). The melanin pigment present in the hair follicle absorbs the heat energy and damages the hair follicle. The damaged hair follicle cannot regrow the new hair. 

Normally, the hair has a growth cycle which can be divided into 4 stages – growing stage, transition stage, resting stage and shedding stage. The hairs in resting and shedding stage have more melanin compared to other stages and gets more affected with laser compared to hairs in other stages. So, during laser treatment, the hair follicles in resting or shedding stage gets damaged and falls off whereas the hair follicle in growing stage or transition stage may continue to grow the hair. On repetitive exposure to laser treatment, these hair follicles too get affected and cease hair re-growth. Hence, Multiple sessions of laser treatment is recommended for hair removal treatment. 

After the 1st laser treatment session, the results are visible in 7-10 days and it may vary depending upon the colour, thickness and location of the hair. Post laser treatment, the hairs which regrows might be lighter in colour, less in number and finer in thickness than the original one. Multiple laser sessions (5-8 no.s) with a gap of 3-4 weeks provides optimal results of smooth and hairless skin. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Procedure:

Best Cosmetology Laser Clinic in Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic. Here are the laser hair removal treatment procedures by our dermatologist:

  • The skin area intended for laser treatment is marked and hairs present in this area are trimmed.
  • Protective eyewear is worn by everyone in the procedure room for eye safety.
  • Cold gel is applied over the skin for facilitating the penetration of laser.
  • The low energy laser light is directed in a spot-by-spot manner.
  • After completion of laser treatment, ice pack or cold-water treatment is applied to soothe the treat skin area. 
  • Topical anti-inflammatory area or lotion is provided for application.
  • Post-treatment discomfort gets eased in 1-2 days. 
  • Post-treatment skin care is advised based on individual lifestyle and skin need. 
Post-Laser Hair Removal Treatment Care:
  • Applying the cold compress to ease the discomfort frequently.
  • Advised instructions should be followed – medication.
  • Avoiding direct exposure of treated skin area to the sun rays.
  • Avoiding exposure of treated skin to any indoor tanning equipment.
  • Applying sunscreen lotion/cream of recommended SPF while going out in sun. 
Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment:
  • Effective and pain-less treatment.
  • Permanent solution to unwanted hair.
  • Adjustment of laser beam intensity depending upon the skin colour, hair thickness/density and location of the hair. 
  • Different laser equipment available to customize the treatment.
  • Multiple sessions ensure optimal results
  • Freedom from frequently performed hair removal procedures – waxing/shaving/plucking

Frequently Asked Questions

Each session duration depends upon the intended skin area for treatment and hair nature which may vary between 30-45 minutes.

No. The laser applied for treatment is of low intensity and different equipment is available to suit the skin colour.

Usually more than 3-5 no. of sessions is required for optimal results. Dermatosurgeon advises the no. of session based on the nature of skin hair and location.

After every laser treatment session, the hair falls off. The complete cessation of hair growth is possible only when the hair follicle in growing stage also damaged and ceases new hair growth. So multiple sessions help in achieving the optimal results.

Post laser treatment, skin presents with redness, irritation and swelling which gets eased in 1-2 days.

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