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Chemical Peel

Skin Scars Holding You Back? Not Anymore.

Through chemical peeling, we will help you peel off your imperfections and sport your flawless skin.

Chemical Peeling | Chemical Peel Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic

Chemical Peeling Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore


Acne and acne scar are the one of major reasons for consulting dermatologists with very high expectations of resolution. Many approaches them only after they have faced failure with home remedies, friends’ suggestion and self-medication.  Looking into severity, dermatosurgical procedures are advised for diminishing the scars and rejuvenating the skin structurally and aesthetically. One of the most widely considered procedure is Chemical Peeling that offers successful clinical responses and higher satisfaction score.

Chemical Peel Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic

How does chemical peelings Work at Epiderma

Chemical Peel Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic. Chemical peeling is a skin peeling procedure where chemical solutions capable of exfoliating or peeling the skin are used for treating acne, acne scar and many other skin disorders. The depth of skin peeling directly depends upon the degree of severity of skin disorder. It is one of the safest, easy to perform and efficacious way of rejuvenating skin with minimal downtime. And in some cases, it is also considered as adjunct treatment for acne & acne scar treatment. Many times, skin is primed prior to the chemical peeling session with topical creams for few days to few weeks. 

  • Superficial level of chemical peeling is considered for improving the skin appearance in terms of skin color, tone and texture in the face, neck, chest, hand area adding enhanced fresh look. 
  • Medium level of chemical peeling is used for treating depressed acne scar (atropic), fine lines, wrinkles / freckles and moderate level skin discolouration. 
  • Deep level of chemical peeling involves reaching middle layer of skin in order to treat shallow scars, age spots and freckles. 

The selection of the appropriate chemical peeling agent is done based upon the skin condition and objective. Some solutions are effective in treating the acne with its comedolytic effect while some increases the collagen depositions, decreasing the depth of acne scars. And some are responsible for re-epithelialization of skin resulting in increased volume of collagen and other factors responsible for fresh rejuvenated look. 

Sensitive skin with acne / dry skin or rosacea are treated with gentle treatment procedure – Jet Peeling where pressurized streams of air penetrating the deep layers of skin for deep cleansing and delivering serum. Serum contains agents that bring about exfoliation/comedolytic/ keratolytic action. 

Chemical Peel Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic. Here are the Post Chemical Peeling Skin Care Steps:
  • Follow the medication for prevention of infection and expediting the healing
  • Icepack application for dealing with mild discomfort and edema
  • Application of the white petroleum for promoting the re-epithelialization
  • While going out of home, application of sunscreen is must and use physical barriers like scarf for covering the face or umbrella
Type of Chemical Peelings & its healing time:
  • Superficial Peeling: 5-7 days
  • Medium Peeling: 12-14 days
  • Deep Peeling: 20-21 days
Benefits of Chemical Peeling:
  • Removes dead skin and brings out the fresh-looking skin 
  • Uniformity of skin color and texture 
  • Treats acne, acne scar, freckle, wrinkles, age spots, sun burn, 
  • Corrects melasma
  • Day care procedure
  • It can be combined as adjunct treatment with other dermato-surgical procedures for better results with minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon the type of peeling procedure, the peeling make take up 10-15 minutes for completion.

Post-procedure, the skin becomes highly sensitive and needs to be protected from external harsh environmental including sunrays. So, one has to avoid going out for initial 2-3 days or as suggested by the dermato-surgeon.

One can resume normal and regular life immediately after the procedure by following one protective measure – Avoiding the direct sun exposure. Once the healing happens and re-epithelialization sets in, light make-up or cosmetic products can be used. Follow the Dermato-surgeon’s instructions.

One can undertake chemical peeling after 18 years.

Following the healing, rejuvenation and re-epithelialization happens and starts showing the results depending upon the type of peeling. Deeper peeling procedures will take little longer time compared to superficial peeling. In 2-3 weeks, results are visible.

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