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Mini Punch Grafting

No Hiding. Just Flaunting.

Tired of hiding the white patches. Mini punch grafting can help you get rid of vitiligo patches permanently.

Mini Punch Grafting for White Patches | Epiderma Clinic

Mini Punch Grafting


One’s appearance builds the confidence in self and inculcates the ability to face the society. With vitiligo, the aesthetic aspects get impaired and starts affecting psychology of the person. In stable vitiligo condition, one of the surgical treatments – Mini Punch Grafting is able to provide solution by re-pigmentating the affected skin area.

Mini Punch Grafting for Vitiligo Patches | Epiderma Clinic

How does Mini Punch Grafting Works at Epiderma

In this treatment the epidermis containing active melanocyte is punched (donor area) and grafted in the achromatic skin area (recipient area); and with healing, the melanocytes spread into neighbouring tissue and brings about re-pigmentation, enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the impaired look.  

Mini Punch Grafting Procedure:
  • The recipient area and donor area are analysed and prepared for initiating the process punching & grafting respectively.
  • At donor area, punches of 1-2mm are created.  
  • At recipient area, the punched grafts of size 1-2mm is grafted.
  • Pressure bandage dressing is done which is maintained for 7-8 days for maintaining immobilization of grafts.
  • Local anaesthesia is used at recipient and donor area.  
  • Medication including anti-biotics and NSAID is prescribed. 
  • In follow-up review visits, phototherapy is done on treated skin area.  
Benefits of Mini Punch Grafting:
  • Large affected area can be treated with punch grafting
  • High success rate
  • Punch grafting combined with phototherapy provides cumulative benefit of re-pigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, patients with stable vitiligo of resistant nature are only considered for surgical treatment like Mini Punch Grafting.

Following the healing, one can start seeing the early signs of pigmentation in the recipient area and in next 2-3 months, the re-pigmentation is clearly visible.

Patients above 18 years are considered for punch grafting.

The whole procedure is done under the effect of local anaesthesia. And post-procedure medication contains NSAID which comforts the patient from pain.

Most of the patients get benefited from punch grafting.

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