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We’ll feed the right nutrients to your skin through Plasma-rich Platelet (PRP) therapy for it to look and feel better.

Best PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic

Face PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore


Best PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic. Blood carries and circulates the oxygen and many other essential elements required for the cell life, metabolism and normal functioning. Now a days, the blood plasma extracted from blood is used for many types of healing process & treatment and facial skin rejuvenation is one of it. 

Best PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic

How does Face PRP Treatment Works at Epiderma

Best PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic. Dermatosurgeons are preforming Facial Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for treating acne scars. The atropic acne scars (depression or pit-like) are considered for Facial PRP. The plasma rich with proteins and growth factors helps in healing the skin and stimulates collagen production which makes the skin healthy and provides young & firm facial look. Here, one’s own blood is used for treating his/her skin.  Repeating the PRP procedure at regular intervals helps in diminishing the scar, tissue regeneration, tightening of facial skin and thus results in young and youthful look.  

Facial PRP Procedure:
  • Preparation of the Plasma: Small amount of blood is drawn from shoulder and processed in centrifuge machine for preparing the platelet-rich plasma.
  • Preparation of the facial skin for PRP session
  • The plasma is injected into the skin 
  • The whole process may take up-to 1-2 hours
  • Depending upon the case / severity, micro-needling is also done for better penetration of the plasma and better results. 
Best PRP Treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore | Epiderma Clinic. Here are the Benefits of Facial PRP by our dermatologist:
  • Smoothening of the facial skin surface, enhanced skin texture
  • Influencing collagen production and tissue regeneration adds youthfulness and firmness to facial skin
  • Day care procedure
  • Results lasts for longer period

Frequently Asked Questions

The facial PRP results is visible in 1-2 weeks. When it is combined with micro-needling, then slight bruises are visible for next 2-3 days and change in skin texture is visible in 2nd week.

Frequency of the session completely depends upon – severity of the acne scar, patient’s expectation. Dermatosurgeon analyses the facial skin and suggests the no. of facial PRP session and option of combining any other procedures for desired results. If more than 2 sessions are suggested, then it is performed once in a month with a gap of 25-30 days.

One’s own blood is used for preparing the plasma for injecting the facial skin. Hence, the chances of developing side-effect with plasma are rare. Utmost care is taken in maintaining the sterility of the extracted blood and its extract.

The patient may experience a prick of the injection needle. And in case micro-needling is performed, then topical anaesthesia cream is applied 20 minutes prior to procedure to numb the skin. Post procedure, patient might experience superficial pain in the facial area for few hours.

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