Vijay, a 45-year-old man, works in a reputed Multi-National Company. As an IT professional, he works 8 to 9 hours daily. Owing to his work pressure, he hardly took care of his health. Moreover, his sedentary lifestyle has made him physically inactive. But he was an extremely hardworking and dedicated employee, excelling in his professional life. 

One day, during a tea break in the office, Vijay was talking to his colleague regarding the present share market condition. Suddenly his colleague remarked, “Have you visited a dermatologist to do something about your extreme hair loss?”

Vijay was amazed. His busy work schedule didn’t allow him to bother about his physical appearance. He wondered whether it had been days, months, or years that he didn’t notice himself properly. 

That night he went back home. He was shocked to see his receding hairline. His hair had become thin, and the scalp was visible. He was worried and started to google home remedies to help grow hair. 

The next day, he began with home remedies to regain his lost hair. The home remedies included products that he already had at home. The remedies were-

But all these home remedies didn’t affect Vijay’s hair. As days passed, he was facing severe hair loss issues. Hair loss was taking a toll on his self-confidence and professional life. He was becoming less productive in his work. More and more people started questioning him about his hair fall problems. Numerous suggestions started pouring in but all in vain. None of the suggestions solved Vijay’s problem.

Unable to find a solution, Vijay spoke to his friend, Gautam. Coincidentally, a few years ago, Goutam was also suffering from a similar hair loss problem.

Goutam told him “There are a number of treatments that solve hair loss problems. Why don’t you visit a dermatologist for effective solutions?”

As suggested, Vijay visited a dermatologist who told him about various treatments that included-

The dermatologist diagnosed the problem and recommended hair transplantation treatment for Vijay. After coming home, he got more worried. He had sleepless nights thinking that hair transplantation would give him an unnatural look that would make him uncomfortable. Upon further research, he understood that medical advancements with the latest technologies have made hair transplantation easier. The treatments will give a natural look and will not make Vijay uncomfortable. 

The next question that haunted him was the health risks associated with hair transplantation. He delved deeper into the topic and concluded that modern equipment and tools have made hair transplantation less painful. The clinics use local anesthesia during the treatment. It has no significant impact on health. Rather, an experienced dermatologist will effectively treat hair transplantation without any hindrance. 

Now, Vijay has become confident about hair transplantation. After a lot of research, he understood that hair transplantation would help him regain his confidence. Without wasting more time, Vijay decided to undergo the treatment. He was aware that hair transplantation would not affect his health but would help him regain his natural look.

From Vijay’s story, we have understood that home remedies might not always work. Also, too many suggestions might leave us confused. In such situations, we should take professional help to eradicate problems. Awareness is important before undergoing any treatment. We must understand that a dermatologist will guide us, improve our self-confidence and enhance our overall appearance through hair transplantation.

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