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Losing your valuable sleep over excessive hair loss

No matter what home remedies you are trying, isn’t anything helping?

We have come up with an effective solution for all men and women around the world; it’s called hair transplantation. 

Yes, you heard the name right. Hair transplantation is a noteworthy invention in the present time with a high success rate for curing hair loss issues. Modern-day technology has made the procedure far more convenient and effective. However, people still raise their eyebrows when it comes to hair transplantation. There is an ample amount of doubt that makes the utility of the overall process doubtful. 

To clear the air of mystery, today I will address some questions that will clear doubts about the hair transplantation process. 

Frequently asked questions and their answers on hair transplantation 

Hair Transplant FAQ’s | Hair Transplantation Jayanagar | Epiderma Clinic

Answer: Anyone suffering from hair fall problems can undergo hair transplantation. Young individuals should refrain from undergoing hair transplantation until they reach a certain age. However, without consulting a dermatologist, availing of hair transplantation will not be wise. Consult a specialist who will recommend hair transplantation based on your existing conditions.

Answer: Do not be in a hurry. Wait for at least one year before going for hair styling. After the hair starts growing naturally, one can go for different methods of hair styling, like colouring the hair or styling it using sprays or other hair styling products.

Answer: Tobacco, in general, has an overall negative impact on human health, and hair transplant is no exception. Excessive smoking of cigarettes or consumption of alcoholic beverages or any type of harmful herbs may have a negative effect on hair transplants. Doctors usually instruct their patients to completely give up on any type of harmful addiction before or after the treatment to get the maximum benefit of the process.

Answer: First and foremost, a hair transplant is a permanent process. Any kind of physical activity, including swimming, will not have any negative influence on the transplanted hair. However, wait for a few days, maybe around a week, and based on your doctor’s recommendation, start your swimming sessions. 

Answer: There are two types of hair transplantation. One is the Follicular Unit Extraction method, and the other is the strip method. The recovery time differs based on how long it will take to remove hair from the scalp. Doctors usually recommend joining work after 2 to 3 days of the surgery, but precautions must be taken to avoid unnecessary hazards.

Thus, hair transplantation is a reliable solution to solving hair loss issues. It is less painful and more effective when done under expert supervision. After consulting a dermatologist, avail hair transplantation and become a new and more confident version of yourself.

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