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The coming of winter, though, sets the tone for the festive season with Santa bringing in joy and the new year ushering new hopes, the cold season takes a toll on our skin. The drop in the mercury level creates a pleasant climate, but the dryness in the air makes the skin flaky and rough. Also, lower humidity levels take away moisture from the skin, making the skin itchy. Sometimes, cracks in the skin can also be noticed during the winter season.

Hence, it is essential to know how to take care of your skin amidst the chilly, cold season. Let’s discuss some skin care tips that you can try this winter to retain the natural glow on your face.

Skincare tips to follow this winter

We often neglect our skin during the winter season, which, in turn, makes our skin dry. To keep your skin protected, try out the following game-changing skin-care hacks and feel the difference in the texture of your skin.

During the chilly winter, there is a substantial loss of moisture from the skin that makes it look dull and dry. The skin reduces its luster and natural glow. Also, it might happen that the moisturizer that you use during the summer season may not be useful during the winter.

Hence, choose a thicker moisturizer that will supply moisture to your skin and drive away dryness from the skin. Also, use a cleanser that has a substantial percentage of moisture content in it.

Whether it is summer, winter, or the monsoons, sunscreen is a must for all seasons. During winter, one might feel comfortable under the sun, but the harmful effects of UV rays should never be neglected. Even if the scorching heat hides, remember the sun is still there in the sky, up and bright.

To save your skin from unwanted problems, use sunscreens that have high SPF content. Don’t ignore the skin on your hands, legs or neck. They are equally important as your facial skin.

Dryness in the air takes away the moisture from the skin. So, whether inside the house or outside the house, the issue of dried and cracked skin lingers.

Using a humidifier at home will help to adjust moisture content in the home. Also, using natural oils in the dried skin areas will moisturize the skin.

Along with following an effective skin-care regime, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated from within. During the winter, people forget to drink the required quantity of water, as the quench of thirst is less as compared to the hot summers.

So, drink water as your body requires. Maintain healthy food habits by adding a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables to your meals.

The cold winter may be soothing and enjoyable, but it affects our skin. So, keep yourself hydrated inside and out. And, in case your skin is causing extreme problems, visit a dermatologist in Jayanagar, Bangalore at the earliest. Prioritize your skin health, and don’t miss glowing and confident skin this winter season.

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