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Good Gracious, the wet days of the year have arrived again! Of course, it is the monsoon season now. It is the good old season of the year when we view greenery around with some laziness but respite from the hot and humid climate. But, the season also comes with its downsides.

The first blow is borne by our skin and hair that results from the damp, and sticky season. Well, we have no option but to face the changes that come along. But, it is not that difficult to beat the obstacles, following certain tips and tricks with a careful routine helps us maintain happy and healthy skin throughout the season.

Now, how to make your skin glow in the wet season? Find out the answers in the article below. To protect yourself from the monsoon season, adopt these good skin care tips with the right products for skin care. So, let’s look at some of the best things that are done during the rainy season for well-maintained hair and skin throughout the damp season.

Every skin type is different, and we need to stress the fact that irrespective of the season, you must not ditch the skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. These are the nine basic steps of a good skincare routine for regular and monsoon days.

1. Keep yourself hydrated

The skin loses its moisture even during rainy and cold seasons. Hence, the skin gets dehydrated which makes it flaky and itchy. To balance the moisture in the skin, it is important to keep yourself hydrated by more water intake. This preserves the required moisture in your body and keeps the skin supple. The right amount of water intake also flushes out the toxins from the body keeping the skin healthier and radiant.

2.Rinse your face regularly

Cleaning your face regularly is the basic step toward skincare. The outside weather makes the skin oily. Cleansing the face protects skin from getting oily, sticky, and acne breakout. Washing your face with a mild foaming face wash at least two to three times a day protects your skin from sweat, clogging face pores, and lets your skin breathe. 

3.Use toner essentially

A face tone is used after face cleansing to shrink enlarged pores and maintain skin pH. It helps in reducing acne breakout and causing needless mucus. There are several types of toners available in the market. So, how do you choose one? The best thing is to choose a toner that fits all seasons. Toners are oil-controlling, skin-friendly, anti-acne, and pore refining.

4.Use right moisturizer

The final step is a skincare routine using a moisturizer on your skin. Skin moisturization is an important step in all seasons. There may be times when you feel it is not required to moisturize your skin, but to hydrate the skin internally, this regimen must be followed. Moisturizers must be chosen as per skin type. It is good to avoid cream-based heavy moisturizers in the wet season. Light, hydrating moisturizers or face serums rich in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid keeps your skin healthy. 

5.Pick gel-based sunscreen

Sunscreen protection must not be ignored anytime during the year. It is supreme skincare protection that should not be disregarded. During the monsoon, it becomes difficult to wear heavy sunscreens. Hence, it is good to pick a gel-based sunscreen that does not stay on the skin like a layer and just spreads on the skin. A sunscreen gel with SPF 50, PA factor, and antioxidants help you protect your skin even during a moist climate.

6.Apply anti- acne gel for acne breakouts

Acne does not look out for any season to break out. They may rise anytime during any season. Thus, a monsoon care routine, anti-acne gel, and some home remedies can get you relief in treating acne. A good anti-acne gel treats acne, dims acne marks, and gets you clear skin. Several homemade face packs can be prepared freshly with kitchen items to cure acne problems.

7.Keep minimal makeup

The monsoon weather does not let you put on heavy layers of makeup on your face. It can do more harm to your face by growing microbes and bacteria and causing acne. People with sensitive skin are prone to the worst outcomes during this season. Therefore, ensure you apply less makeup without compromising on makeup quality. This makes the skin look good along with keeping it clean and healthy.

8.Avoid drenching in rain

Monsoon comes with humid weather that makes it perfect for microbes to grow. Drenching in rain makes your skin moist and it is bad when the clothes even get wet. This dampness with the body temperature leads to more sweat thereby increasing bacteria growth. It can lead to itchy skin, white patches, or fungal infections. That is the reason, it is better if you can avoid drenching in rain.

9.Avoid hot bath

One more thing to avoid during the monsoon is a hot water bath. A hot water bath after a tiring day is quite relaxing but it must be avoided to prevent any skin breakout. A warm water bath also eases stress more safely. Hence, be it any season, but especially rainy, hot water baths should be avoided.


The main hindrance to the skincare routine during monsoon is the dampness and humidity in the weather. But, you can protect your skin from harmful effects with the help of the tips above. Monsoons are here to enjoy the lush greenery that comes along. So, protect yourself and enjoy the earthy fragrance and fresh aura.

Enjoy your monsoon .

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